About Me

The Liquid Ethos was started as an amorphous project to allow me to work on any type of product, like a kid in a sandbox. Since then, nearly 7 years on, I've had opportunity to grow beyond just wanting to make products - having worked with musicians, medical makers, the MMJ industry, textiles, fishing, and the world of golf to create not just product, but brands, graphics and processes.

Out of Chicago at age seven with my nomadic family, I grew up in Europe, living in Copenhagen and London until moving once again to Dubai, later Australia and most recently Arizona where I was officially schooled as an Industrial Designer to help me make an impact in my future travels, seeking to create and help others grow, wherever I go.

I consider life a never ending chance to experience, learn and become something better, so my education and journey never stop. As well as my education in Industrial Design, I am a polyglot, a PADI certified rescue scuba diver with a passion for oceanic research, preservation and exploration. I am also a DoE awardee, a minimalist foundry outdoorsman and published wordsmith.

Enjoy some of the work on my site, consider me for your own brands and feel more than free to contact me with commissions. I'm a digital nomad, able to take on challenges and deliver results from anywhere on the face of the globe.