The Liquid Ethos is a personal brand and the mindset my work comes from. It involves taking in as many of the variables as possible and addressing them with a process tailored specifically for the challenge, canvas, strategy or other platform - observing the flow of the world and focusing it into the desired medium.

Chicago-born, I was raised in Europe where I was introduced to Scandinavian design principles. This infatuation grew to a passion which has sprouted into every branch of the design industry and I bring this passion to both my work and my personal projects, whether it be a touch screen interface, a chair, a boat or an island. Since Denmark, I have also spent time living in England, Dubai, Thailand and Australia, learning and growing from the cultures of the World. It seems I was born to wander, so I picked up a few languages on the way to help make friends wherever I go (Danish, German, French).

Enjoy some of the work on my site, consider me for your own brands and feel more than free to contact me with commissions or collaboration ideas.